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Koonikki Union Jack

Red/Silver Classic Tabby
D.O.B. 16th April 2008

Sire :- Ch Noracoon Vespasian

Dam :- Ch Ruskita Chimera OfKoonikki

As we are no longer breeding at Koonikki, BP is available for stud for a limited time.

He will remain entire for as long as he is happy.


Koonikki Union Jack is known as 'Baby Phil' at home.
Dont ask.............its a long story :)) He is hopefully going to carry the ongoing line
from his wonderful father
Ch Noracoon Vespasian, who retired in 2009. Baby Phil has a wonderful temperament,
just like his dad,
and fabulous type and boning.





Ch Isadoryou Independence (aka Miller)

Blue Classic Tabby - D.O.B. 18th May 2007
Sire  :- RW GR CH Shubacoons Kenworth Of Highlander(USA)
Dam :- CFA & GCCF GR CH Mckittycreek Aurora(Import)

Koonikki Genesis (aka Phil) - bottom photo

Red/Silver Classic Tabby
D.O.B. 24th November 2007

 MIller and Phil have recently been neutered. They are best friends and have always lived together.

They have found a permanent loving home and have settled well with their new owners in Kent. Just aswell Mark came with me to deliver them, as i cried all the way there and all the way home :((


Koonikki Maine Coons
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