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Our small...... but perfectly formed GARDEN ;-)

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This page has been put together to show visitors to my website, 
how we have cat-proofed our garden.
As a lot of you know,i have a very talented husband Mark,

who has over the years, adapted the cat-proofing until we
have been entirely happy with it now, for many years.

Mark keeps Koi Carp too, so the netting of the garden

has prevented the heron from visiting for a jumbo size snack!!!

Our garden is quite small, which allows a lot of the netting to be possible,

but the principle can be used in bigger areas too.



As you can see in the photographs, Mark has built tunnels around the top edge of the garden.
This allows the stud boys to be able to sit by the kitchen window and watch what is going on

in the house, or when its bed time, they can go around the tunnel, to the heated pen at the
back of the garden.
The tunnel was originally at floor level, but as we have restricted space,

Mark decided to raise up to the top of the wall.
I questioned this, as I had visions of us, enjoying a sunny afternoon in the garden,

when any of the boys could stand in the tunnel and 'SPRAY' over us ;-)))
Ahh haa, said Mark......I thought of that!! So I measured the cats from the floor,

to the base of their tails, and I have made the tunnel a couple of inches taller,
which means they cannot raise their tail, so hence they cannot spray over us.

There is one area of the garden that is open and un-netted,
but it is directly above the pond,
so still no-one can escape or enter. Not even the heron.
Apparently heron's rarely land on water, they like to land

on the ground and stalk up to the water.

I am extremely lucky to be able to open the patio doors

and let the cats out to play in the fresh air safely.

The pond keeps the cats (and us) entertained, and almost all of them,

have had the odd swim, although most are unplanned dips ;-)


The above photo with the chimenea shows the garden before the tunnel
was raised up above head height. It is still ground level in this photo.


Cats demonstrating the tunnel for you ;-)


.....and here is the creator......... enjoying his garden
.........or more likely, planning his next project!! :-D


İFiona Nicholls 2003-2012

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