Mabalakat Eagle Rare

D.O.B. 30th May2010
Sire :- QGC Mabalakat Titus
Dam :- RW QGC Spirritz Tartan Trembler
Tortie & White
Eagle is posed here at the Hilton before a show in her favourite position..............the SINK!

I know maine coons like water but she takes the biscuit!
She hops in the shower with me every morning ;-)
A beautiful girl with a gorgeous nature, and the most AMAZING lynx tips!
Judges check they aren't extensions ;-)
Koonikki Deya

D.O.B. 16th November 2002
Sire :- Ch Noracoon Vespasian
Dam :- Ch Kititas Caelia OfAvalon
64 20e

Deya is named after a village in the mountains of Majorca that we visit every year and in our opinion, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. There was no other name she could be called, as she is the most beautiful cat, in looks and more especially temperament.

Koonikki Palomino

 Sire :- Ch Noracoon Vespasian
Dam :- Ch Ruskita Chimera OfKoonikki
Palomino is a fantastic mum. She is a blue/silver tortie and white..

Palomino is now neutered after falling badly and suffering a Diaphragmatic Hernia a few days before her last litter.

Palomino sadly died in September 2011, due to complications from the hernia almost a year ago :-(
Sleep tight sweet Palomino. xx
IW Sup GR CH Mabalakat Cleopatra

D.O.B. 31st May 2007
Sire :- GR CH Noracoon Titan
Dam :- Elyskats Kaelin
Silver Tortie Tabby & White
Cleo is an outstanding cat to have won so many titles in just 2 years.
Not many cats achieve the title of IW (International Winner),
as they are competing with cats worldwide.
She is having a break from showing for a while to have babies :)

Photo by Robert Fox (

Koonikki Caliente

Sire :- Koonikki Union Jack
Dam :- IW SGC Mabalakat Cleopatra
D.O.B. 27th November 2009
I met a beautiful tortie tabby and white female in the USA, a few years ago, whose name was Caliente(spanish for HOT),and i decided then that when i bred a beautiful hot tortie tabby, she would be called Caliente. 
RW QGC Coonaria Fabienne

D.O.B. 23rd January 2010
Sire :-  Kirkoonz Saracen of Coonaria
Dam :-  Coonaria Florentine
Tortie Tabby & White

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