Bobster the Lobster


Bobster has now passed over to that big fish tank in the sky, but as he gave us so much joy, i have decided to leave his page here.
I recieved Bobster as a gift, from my husband Mark. He is a freshwater Blue Lobster and although we were told he would grow to about 6" at maturity, he has already exceeded this size.
We had to buy a bigger tank for him and his "fishy friends" as he outgrew it quite quickly.
He sheds his skin as he grows. When he does this, a flap opens in the top of his shell and he literally backs out of his shell, leaving a perfectly intact skin, even down to his antennae's and eye sockets. Nature is quite amazing!!.
The first photo is Bob when he was much smaller in the old tank, where he had gravel to work with. We decided to give him sand in the new tank, as it would be more natural to him.
Well, this was the mistake as he spends whole days(sometimes) being a "bulldozer" and moving the sand around into huge mounds and holes, then uprooting plants or pruning them :-))
He has learnt that one end of the tank has the most human traffic pass it during the day, so when he is hungry he taps on the glass to ask for a "lobster biscuit"


Where is he.....??????

This is Koonikki
Hobsons Choice looking for Bobster

"Oh dear, what jobs do I need to do today?"


Bulldozer time...........


This is his tank. Bob is starting to rearrange some of the features to his liking :-))


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