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B elow you will find some useful links to other related sites.

They are links to mainly cat related sites but also a link to my brother-in-laws website for his professional band...........have a look :-)

Maine Coon Cat Club

 Maine Coon Cat Club in the UK 

Maine Coon Breed Society

Maine Coon Breed Society

TICA in the UK

TICA (The International Cat Association) in the UK

Ruskita Maine Coons

Ruskita Maine Coons in sunny Norfolk

Isadoryou Maine Coons

Isadoryou Maine Coons also in Milton Keynes

Coonaria Maine Coons

Coonaria Maine Coons in Lancashire

Kvasir Maine Coons & NFC

Kvasir Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats in Essex

Woodycoon Maine Coons

Woodycoon Maine Coons also in Milton Keynes

Tanzacoon Maine Coons

Tanzacoon Maine Coons in Buckinghamshire

Mabalakat Maine Coons
McKittyCreek Maine Coons
Shubacoons Maine Coons

Mabalakat Maine Coons  in Northants

McKittyCreek Maine Coons in Pennsylvania USA

Shubacoons Maine Coons In New York State USA

Mixed Feelings

Mixed Feelings  top show band owned by my brother-in-law Jon Nicholls







All our kittens are litter trained with Worlds Best cat Litter.





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