Geezer - our Tortie Boy!

K oonikki Feirfiz Geezabird (known as Geezer) is a very rare Silver Tortie Tabby Male maine coon.
He was born in December 1999, a whole 2 days after his brother, and he was 6 weeks old before we realised that he was in fact a little boy!

Geezer had an intersusseption at 4 months old and needed an emergency operation over the Easter weekend.
 During the operation my vet  tried to neuter him if possible, as we thought he would prove to be sterile anyway. She removed a "gonad" in ovary position which proved to be male tissue. At 10 months old he finished the neutering process as his testical popped up in the right place so he underwent another operation.
He has the most adorable nature, just like his father, Ch Noracoon Vespasian, but he is a bit of a clown and loves to entertain visitors with his antics.
Geezer has been shown GCCF a couple of times, but he has to be placed last or disqualified as he is not recognised by the GCCF and is registered as a silver tabby because tortie males dont exist..................aaaaah but they do.

The photo below of the Tortie Tabby being held up at a CA Show in Loughborough is Woodycoon Red Butler who is the 2nd MALE TORTIE that Ch Noracoon Vespasian has sired. He was born on Valentines day 2003 to Woodycoon Juliet owned by Ros and Martin Wood. Now what are the odds of lightning striking twice............2 male torties from one father!! 

Geezer sadly died on 19th May 2006 after a short, but brave fight with a cancerous nasal  tumour.
He has left a huge hole in our hearts............ and lives.
Sleep tight..........sweet boy.



This is Geezer sitting by the pond in our garden


Above right is Woodycoon Red Butler (tortie tabby)being judged at a CA show this year.



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