Devon Rex

Meet Gucci :-)

Rhagorol Dheaven Sent

I would like to introduce my 1st devon rex on this page.
Her name is Rhagorol DHeaven Sent.
My pet name for her is Gucci :-)
She is a brown spotted devon rex and she was bred by Pam Williams.
Her father is Gr Ch ChiChi Rigoletto and her mother is Gr Ch Rhagorol Murbella.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pam for this truly gorgeous little girl, and to Sue Ahern for introducing me to Pam in the first place.

When she arrived home, the maine coons really didnt know what to make of her. They had never seen anything like it before, and looked at her curiously, as if to say, " where has your fluffy fur gone?" and " why are your ears like that?"
They soon realised that she was their own personal 'hot water bottle' and love nothing more than to snuggle up to her and go to sleep.

This photo on the left was taken October 2006 and you can see how she has matured. But as you can see from her long whiskas..........and tiny lynx tips...............she really does think she is a maine coon!!!!

Devon Rex History

Around 1960, a disused tin mine in Devon was frequented by a curly coated tom.
In a litter he sired to a normal coated feral cat was a curly coated kitten.
It is this kitten, Kirlee who is the forerunner of all Devon Rexes worldwide.
It has taken a lot of outcrossing to develop the Devon Rex breed from this one cat.

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Devon Rex

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