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Updated 13th August 2014

Koonikki maine coons are no longer breeding.
Thank you for visiting this page, but we won't be having any more kittens.

Baby Phil (aka Koonikki Union Jack) is still available for stud service. He has sired some stunning cats for friends, that have done very well at shows, but he cannot stay entire for much longer, unless he gets some work and remains happy. Email or ring me to check his availability.                                                                                 01908 564027 or feenich@gmail.com 

Devon Rex
Tortie Boy!

My name is Fiona Nicholls and along with my husband Mark, we are hobby breeders and have been showing and breeding Maine Coons since 1995.

All our kittens are raised in our home, with constant visits from our 3 adult children(and friends!).
I am a breeder member of the Maine Coon Breed Society(abiding by their codes of ethics). Our kittens are registered either with the GCCF or TICA. 



We live in a rural village just north of Milton Keynes on the Bucks/Northants border.
Mark keeps Koi carp as another hobby, and as you can imagine they keep the cats amused for hours.
Our cats are able to have access to the garden as Mark has cleverly netted the whole garden making it safe for them to play in the fresh air.
Our stud cats have their own heated pen and runs, but the rest of the maine coons live indoors with us. However they are free to go out into a run via a tunnel that leads from the house around the edge of the garden.

Our maine coon kittens are mostly champion sired, and at 13 weeks they leave with a full pedigree, registration, fully vaccinated and 4 weeks pet insurance.
Feel free to telephone me on 01908 564027 for advice, information or just a chat, alternatively contact me by email, feenich@gmail.com  

Please will you sign my guestbook below. Thanks.............


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This is Saskia and Alexander holding their Koonikki maine coon - Gabriel.
photo taken by their dad Stephen Woodd

Home of :-TICA International Winner
Supreme GR CH Mabalakat Cleopatra!

Cleo achieved the 2008/2009 award of
25th Best LH Cat Internationally.

2nd Best Female MC Internationally.
7th Best LH Cat In Northern Europe.
5th Best Allbreed Cat in the UK.



Introducing below -
DGC Coonaria Copperfield


İFiona Nicholls 2003-2014

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Maine Coons
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